The Organ at Milton Parish Church

Peter Sherratt, our organist, writes ....

The organ was built in 1894, the same year in which Blackpool Tower was erected.

Prior to 1894, there was no organ in church, but towards the end of the 19th century, the population of Milton started to increase rapidly, as the coal mines and pottery industry thrived, and church attendance grew.

The longest-serving incumbent of the parish, the Rev'd George Molyneaux (vicar for 27 years: 1881 - 1908) decided that an organ was necessary. He placed an order with the local firm of Steele and Keay (pron. 'Key') of Burslem. Fr Molyneaux did the right thing: this local firm was the best organ builder in the Midlands. The cost was approximately £400 - a lot of money in 1894 (to build a similar organ today would cost a minimum of £250,000).

Because of the care and attention lavished on the organ over the years by successive vicars, organists and PCC's, the organ remains in perfect condition. For many years it has been in the care of the best organ builder and tuner in the district, Mr Alan Shutt.

The PCC applied to the Historic Organ Trust a few years ago for the organ to be scheduled and listed as an organ of particular historic interest, but failed in its bid because the organ had had a new pedal board fitted in the 1960s and was therefore calssed as "not in its original state".

It is wonderful to think that in three centuries the organ at Milton Parish Church has helped countless people to worship, celebrate or grieve at many, many services - and long may it continue to do so!




Fifteenth 2 foot
Principal 4 ft
Gamba 8 ft
Dulciana 8 ft
Hohl Flute 8 ft
Open Diapason 8 ft


Geigen Principal 4 ft
Keraulophon 8 ft
Lieblich Gedact 8 ft
Voix Celeste 8 ft
Open Diapason 8 ft


Bourdon 16 ft


Swell to Great Super Octave
Swell to Great
Swell to Pedals
Great to Pedals

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